Monday, November 19, 2012


Every year we have a wave of spiders where I live. I don't mind. They are great predators for other insects that do bother me. Some years the population explodes and it seems as though they are ready to take the house over. This year it hasn't been bad.  I've been meaning to stop my daily comings-and-goings to take some photos and today I've managed to do it. These were taken right outside my front door. It was afternoon so the winds were up. I wanted to start to learn about focus stacking but the webs moved too much to get any continuity. I'll be putting some "stacked" photos later. 

Taken with Canon 5D Mk II + 100mm 2.8 macro lens


Cynthia Nicole said...

lovely spider photos.
hard to tell ow big those are.

Ray Sherrod said...

The spider was gigantic. It grabbed my leg and tried to eat me. Luckily I was fast and strong enough to break its grasp and took the photo.

Daniel Cohen said...

Nice work Ray - love the close up work!

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