Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Three photos I took while photographing Yosemite with a group of men I knew. I had just sustained a very painful injury and couldn't walk very much or far. These photos were taken just a short distance from the car we were in. It's also the first series of photos I had taken using a tripod. Not a very good one but it did give the camera enough stability to avoid digital artifacts that come with handheld motion. Now I have a great tripod and all of my photos have to be shot using it. My hands are too shaky now.
Taken with a Canon 10D using a 17 - 40mm lens


Cynthia Nicole said...

SO amazing! I guess you have a great camera that can collect such sharp detail.

ps- i still think your blog got too wide! I have to scroll left to right to read it.

Anonymous said...

Ray, I cruz'd around your blog and saw lots of great photos. I like the care you've taken with the capture, presentation and descriptions. The quality level is very high. Jeffery Luhn

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