Saturday, September 10, 2011


The title sounds like it could be a country song. This is the place to write it. This tree has had a lot of company this summer. Cattle took refuge from the sun and heat probably crowded it. This tree has beaten the odds. It began as a seed dropped from a vector(read the rear end of a cow) and somehow got buried enough so that it could take root and start as a seedling easily mistaken for just another blade of desert grass. It had to survive cattle that ate every green thing around it.  As it grew it still had to be fortunate enough to not be eaten or laid on or stepped on. When it got large enough to withstand above ground impacts its roots were and are pounded by the hooves of heavy cattle. Little rain most of the year, hot weather, pounded root system and look what else drops on the soil around it. That could be the lyrics of the song. Just because shit gets laid on you it don't mean that it's a bad thing. Wow! I think I'll start writin' music.....well maybe not. 

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