Friday, September 09, 2011


This is what I remember most about my travels in New Mexico in August 2011. Wide open spaces with roads that are straight, well paved, and marked for safety. I really enjoyed driving across this high desert.
I stopped and turned around when I realized I had just passed a high point in the road that would afford me a good view of the openness and beauty I was experiencing. I parked along the side of the road and set up my tripod and camera right in the middle of the highway. Those that know me are not surprised.

It was me that was surprised! While I was concentrating on the photo you see, I didn't notice/hear a semi-tractor trailer rig bearing down on me until almost the last second. 

When I became aware of the truck, it was almost on me and all I could do was grab my tripod and camera....that's the most important priority, and leap to the side of the road. As I'm moving I saw the truck and managed to take the photo you see above. I'm sure the guy driving the truck thought I was looking to be a winner of a Darwin Award.


Cynthia Nicole said...

The blog got too wide for my screen (the laptop anyway)
i have to scroll from left to right to read the text.
You might consider trying to make it narrower.

Cynthia Nicole said...

....or is it super wide to accentuate the theme of wide open spaces????

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