Sunday, June 26, 2011


I've always been very reluctant to photograph people that have a very unique look. I'm not really very experienced with portraiture so never approach anyone with a request to take a photograph of them. Today I went shopping for groceries and I saw the man shown below. Instantly I had the urge to take his photo but pushed it aside because I just wouldn't have the nerve to ask. 
We both went into the same store and again I was tempted to go up and request a photo but I didn't. I finished shopping and left the store. He was sitting outside waiting for someone. Still I didn't ask. I went into another store next door and when I came out he was still there! Still I didn't ask. I got in my truck and started the engine and a voice said, "If you want the photo, you've got to go get it!" Actually an old friend that I saw recently after several years of non-communication said that phrase to me. He is an excellent photographer and he did go get his photos. I digress. I determined that I was going to at least approach the man and ask. All he could do is so no...maybe worse but I chanced it. I walked over to where he was sitting and explained that I wanted to take his photo but had always been reluctant to ask. He said it was fine and go ahead. So here it is!
Since he was wearing a light jacket with the logo of a tattoo shop I assumed that he was an artist that worked there. He said he did work there but as a piercing specialist. His ear piercings are 13 years old. A little at a time is the way it's done. 
I asked what/why he pierced himself and allowed others to tattoo areas that are very visible and he remarked that he did so to show that normal people can look like he did and it was acceptable. He said that in "his crowd" his appearance was actually rather subdued. I was going to talk to him some more but his friends arrived and he got up to leave. I thanked him for being so cordial and cooperative and expressed that it had helped me to overcome my reluctance to approach others in the future.

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