Thursday, June 30, 2011


This is "Lou". I call him Louis. Louis feels the best. He's such a diminutive guy that Louis just seems like it's a big dog name. Today was his first visit to my house. It was just he and I. I figured, hey! what could be a problem? He's a Chihuahua for Crissakes! Well we had one heckuva day together. He marked his territory twice within the first 10 minutes and proceeded to explore and bite just about everything in the house. He was having a great time until he decided to go up the stairs to my bedroom. As you can see, about the time he got a few steps from the first landing, he discovered a wooden Buddha sitting in deep meditation. 
I've watched Louis in the past and had the impression that he was a pretty smart dog. I mean, he can figure out how to get in and out of some pretty difficult spots. So I figured he had some pretty good reasoning powers. It turns out that he could not tell that my old Buddha buddy was made out of wood and didn't move no matter how much barking went on. I very gently introduced Louis to my friend although he was more than reluctant to meet him. Even after he had sniffed him and walked all around him, it wasn't enough. Louis just kept right on barking. I tried and tried to hang out with him and calmly showed him that my friend was not going to respond. much less hurt Louis, but it was to no avail.
Now I'm concerned about my chances during my re-incarnation process. Was Louis so rude to my Buddha buddy that it may affect my karmacare? I don't think I'll be able to blog about it anyway. So while I'm writing the post, Louis has been barking incessantly at anything and everything. He's new here and everything seems to be a threat. Birds near the windows are an especially serious danger. 
I'll have Louis back many times, I hope. He's a great dog and really likes biting me and humping my leg. Have you ever had a Chihuahua hump your leg? I thought that his owner had him "fixed".
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