Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I took these photographs last night. It took about 3 hours. I really had no targets in mind, so I wandered up and down Pacific Avenue and randomly chose my shots. My experience with night photography is very limited. That is to say it has had limited success. Until now. I have been learning a new technique that has allowed me to present images that were not possible for me until now. I hope you enjoy them.
Thanks for dropping by. I'm really excited about this new passion I have for photography again.


Cynthia Nicole said...

Those are really neat, Ray! I especially like the theater, but I like the effect you're achieving in all of these night shots.

-Cindy Baxter

Leola said...

Hi Ray, your night time photos of downtown make SC look like a sizable, elegant, and sophisticated city. I need to look at it with new eyes now! Beautiful work.

Laura Clark said...

Your photos are all so beautiful Ray!
You're the "Thomas Kinkade" of photography.... that's a good thing!

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