Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I don't get around the country anymore so I don't know what it's like anywhere else. In Santa Cruz there are an awful lot of vehicles that are used to express an individual or group's opinion. Some of what is on them makes sense....some don' don't make sense at least to me. Here is an excellent example. If you drill deeper into this blog you will see several examples of "Opinion Broadcasting." For quite a while a van could be seen in various locations around town covered in words that accused Stephen King for the murder of John Lennon. Another is a large truck pulling a very large trailer with American flags streaming from poles attached demanding the U.S. get out of the United Nations. Occasionally a Confederate Flag can be seen waving from one particular truck. The truck is four-wheel drive and jacked up very high in the air. I've always felt he should have a "vanity plate" that reads: COMPENSATING....but that's more than seven letters.  I must admit that I too have a sticker on my truck. It's a 1" tall representation of Albert Einstein on the window behind my head. It's just to show people what a smart-ass I am.

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