Saturday, July 17, 2010


Recently I have been examining some personal issues and I came to some conclusions. Then I realized that it's not the conclusions that are important. It's the questions that are important. Answers make me stop looking and as I grow older I can't afford to not keep my open and available to other peoples beliefs, observations, and opinions.  It doesn't mean I have to accept their story. Only to be an active listener. Although there is biblical quote about "So a man thinks, so is he". What another thinks isn't necessarily who they are. With that bit of information my conclusions have wavered and deserve a second or third look. Of course it's all about my point-of-view. I have decided a very important issue regarding my boundaries. In my ceaseless desire to please others, I have not honored myself and what is best for me. As a result I have been treated in a manner I am no longer willing to allow. Whew! What a relief! Now I'll have that glass of water.

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