Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Remember when? I do. The metal numbers that clacked as they turned. The "bing" at every gallon and the orange glass ball at the top center of the outside of the pump that had a little paddlewheel inside turning as the gas flowed from the pump into your vehicle. This was once a pump at a Union 76 station. I know not where.
When I was very young my father owned a "gas station". Sold gas for 15 cents/gallon. Yep! In those days (the late 40's early 50's) service stations had pumps with big glass cylinders on top. There was a big handle on the side of the pump and if you turned it you could see the gasoline fill the cylinder. There were markings on the side of the glass to let you know how much gas had been pumped into it. When the right amount was in it you stopped turning the handle and pulled a knob that let the gasoline pour of the cylinder and into your car. That way you could actually see the gas you were buying.
Do you sometimes wonder if you are really getting the amount shown on the digital readout on the pump. You don't actually see the fuel going into you car/truck. It's only when you turn on the vehicle do you slowly see the gas gauge rise up to the full indication on the dash. Well that's what here now. Any guess how long we'll be pumping gas? I hope it's not too much longer. It's ugly stuff and brings with it all kinds of problems.

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