Monday, December 05, 2005

J.T.'s 1500th HIT

My wife and I are San Francisco Giants fans. First baseman J. T. Snow. is my wife's favorite because he's a great defensive player but mostly because he's "cute". I promised her we would go to a game this year. The season was drawing to a close and we hadn't gone so I finally got tickets for the last game of the year. We were hoping that J.T. would be playing since he wasn't always in the line-up. Luckily he was playing and came to bat in the second inning. This photo records the1500th hit of his career and maybe the last one as a Giant. We were sitting in the top of the top deck. This photo is a testiment to the great IS capabilities of my 300mm Canon lens because it was taken hand held! The Giants won the game to finish the really frustrating year on a positive note.

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