Monday, September 29, 2014


In August of 2002 I attended a class at the University of California-Los Angeles Research Station in the White Mountains. There I was studying the oldest living things on earth, the Bristlecone Pine. The station is located at 10,200' and getting used to the altitude change took a couple of days. During free time I hiked off for about 5 miles and found this miner's cabin. It looked as though it had been abandoned in the last couple of years. I have searched for an identity for the cabin but have not been successful. If you happen to know anything about it please let me know. 
I took these photographs as 35mm slides and wished I knew more about photography than I did at the time. I have thousands of slides. Scanning them to digital is both time consuming and expensive so I bought a 100mm macro lens and used a light box to photograph them. They turned out well enough for presenting this way but not to print. If you are considering alternative methods to scanning, these images will give you a good idea of how they can turn out. 
The experience  among the bristlecones was very rewarding. If you've followed this blog you probably have seen some of  my images already. Thanks for dropping by.

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