Friday, September 26, 2014


 Along highway 50 and 26 miles east of  Fallon, Nevada and far from any sign of life is this isolated gravesite. As I was driving along I spotted it easily because it is only about a 100 yards off the north side of the road. I turned around, parked and started out across the mud/salt flats to get a closer view only to sink up to my ankles in mud. I beat a hasty retreat and walked around until I found a less muddy way. The site looks like it hasn't been cared for for awhile. The marker reads "Wilson Turner • 3 yrs • 1864". Further research has clouded the true identity and the authenticity of the grave. A white picket fence around a very small grave in the middle of nowhere is quite a striking sight especially when there are huge sand dunes in the background.
The Sand Mountain Dunes are accessible from the highway and are quite a "dune buggy" recreation area.  Both of these points of interest where most unexpected.

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