Thursday, September 01, 2011


This is my third visit here. On my first visit I thought this was a little wacky. At least at first. After rummaging through the literature I picked, I began to realize these folks are on to something. Whole Earth Catalog no doubt and it made sense if you embrace this lifestyle. 
On my second visit I was much more interested. I looked at the place, which is quite large, with new eyes and began to see that this is quite viable even though it had, to my mind, a post-apocalyptic sort of image.
This visit was nearly so profound. I was a with a dear friend and much to absorbed in conversation with him to allow for much analysis.
If I was living alone and was of-a-mind, I'd consider buying there. Taos is a very vibrant town and the prices SURE ARE REASONABLE!
I have had several people call or write regarding these photos. The links will say more than I could ever think to explain. Everything you'd probably care to know about the place is here. Drop in on a possible future.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! There must be an interesting story to go with these two pictures. Love your photos. Thanks for sharing.

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