Thursday, August 25, 2011


The "Turquoise Trail" extends from just south of Santa Fe to US 40 east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. There are several places of interest. I stopped here late in the day and took time to take in the marvel of a land and time that I knew as a boy and hadn't appreciated it as now since I hadn't anything really to compare it to. The solitude and openness that living here is surely one of the most satisfying places in America. On the far right side of this photo is a house with big windows that look west toward the hills and the sunsets. How peaceful to be here when the world seems to have gone mad.

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Cynthia Nicole said...

I remember that experience from visits to New Mexico. The Large and Wide skies. And watching storms move through - so beautiful.
We stayed at Big Mountain when Danu was 2 - we had some acquaintances that were living there. Way out on the mesa. Pretty spectacular.
Looks like a great trip!

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