Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Alright! Alright! I know. I know. It's not a very nutritious place to eat ANYTHING! While I was saving lots of money buy much more than I wanted or needed at Costco I started toward the check station door and the sights and sounds of lots of people lined up to savor the sweet and tasty morsels exuding aromas that growling stomachs pick up on real easy caught me. I tried not to stop. Honest! I really did(n't). I dwelled on what would be the least harmful delicacy for me to sate my hunger. I decided  it was the Carne Asada Bake for only $3.79. Aren't you proud of me? Don't you agree that I made a good choice? Don't comment. 
While I sat there munching this gastronomical delight I enjoyed watching people. Costco shoppers are not as crazy looking as WalMart shoppers but they're pretty interesting to look at. I was fidgeting with my iPhone and remembered that I bought an app that lets me take a series of photos in several different planes and it put them together. So I gave it a try. People moved of course but I like the way it turned out and I promise (not really) never to eat at Costco again. (Unless I'm hungry)

Taken with an iPhone

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