Friday, May 13, 2011


On May 13, 1963, I signed my separation papers releasing me from active duty with the U.S.Army. It took place at the Oakland Army Terminal. I knew this date in 1960! I didn't keep track of the days left until about a year before my ETS (estimated time of separation) But when I created a "sweat sheet" I began to count the days. A "sweat sheet" is a hand made calendar that is typed out on a plain piece of paper. Each day is then cut off and the paper gets smaller. Occasionally I would pull it out to show how "short" I was and brag about it. May 13, 1963 was indelibly etched in my memory so this 48th anniversary is easily remembered. I celebrate it every year. 
This photo was taken on April 9, 1962 in my favorite bar in Chitose, Japan. It had 7 stools in it and no where else to sit. The other two guys were my best friends in the Army. David Carlson and Harry Footit. I sure miss them. We had a lot of great times together especially in this "Happy Bar". By chance I saw Dave in the San Francisco Airport  10 years later when I was working for TWA. I visited him in Washington. He was married and at least one child. Harry disappeared. Never saw him again. Sure would like to find them again. I found this photo a couple of days ago while sorting through my "stuff" so my son won't have to after I join the "choir invisible".

Photo taken with Canon 10D

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