Friday, April 01, 2011


Yesterday was the first real "Spring-like" weather we've had here in Santa Cruz. It was just the kind of day that demands a walk. I was on a service road along the Branciforte Creek and spied these birdhouses all hanging from an arbor. They were all handmade by a lover of birds. Not fancy but serviceable. I don't know very much about birds or nests but I think the big one in the middle is for House Martins. Let me know if I'm wrong. Any information regarding the types/species of birds that like these houses would be mighty appreciated. 

Taken with my iPhone

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Patricia said...

Nice photo Ray!! I love bird houses. I like to see the birdies building their nests. One bird that I particularly like are wrens. Tiny, cute and they build their nests not high, so it´s easy to spot them. As children, my brothers and me, would look for nests and watch the mother wren bring food to the chicks. My parents place has many bird houses and we enjoy them a lot.

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