Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I was taking photos of the staff at the restaurant when I met these folks. They were quite friendly and approachable so I was bold enough to ask them if I could take their photo as well. I generally don't take a lot of photos of people that are aware of it. No studio portraits. The lighting was just right and these were appeared to be very photogenic so I took the shot. The woman on the right is the mother of the young woman. The mother lowered her voice as the two others were departing and said "Thank you for taking the photo. It's been difficult to get the other two to have their photo taken with or without me and now I have both!" I had explained that I would email them this photo so they could have it printed. It was a very touching moment. I have seen them all since and they are indeed, very nice people. There. Now they're famous because they appear in this internationally renowned blog.

Taken with a Canon 10D

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