Sunday, October 24, 2010


So I'm in this class see? My final project is to take three photos that demonstrates an emotion that I drew, at random, from a baseball cap passed around the room. I picked a slip of paper with the word "nervous" on it. I've been thinking about what makes me nervous. I've been retired for a while and I'm not very stressed or nervous about too much. So it was kinda hard to come up with a nervous that I could demonstrate with a photo. It rained today. Perfect! I had a vision of what I wanted the photo to look like and it was exactly like this!
I installed my tripod in my truck between the seats and made sure it was steady and not likely to move. I manually focused on the windshield because I wanted the rain to be evident. I used a cable release to take the shot. It was in my left hand because I wanted to show the "white knuckle" effect. Presto! Here's my shot.
 My second photograph is my granddaughter's first haircut! "This isn't going to hurt is it?"
I've never felt comfortable around table saws. A friend of mine lost a finger while using one and I just get nervous when I'm using power saws in general.

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Your best to date!

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