Friday, October 16, 2009


The photo at the top is of me taken Oct 14 of this year on my 67th birthday.The photo below that is of my father. It was taken when he was about 70. I took it with a polaroid camera on my last visit in the late 60's. He is holding his grand nephew. He called him "Rooster" because the kid was so active and pranced around a lot. He loved him deeply. It was his only grandchild. My son wasn't born yet. For more info about my dad look at the post below. I deeply regret that I didn't have/take more time with my father. I squandered what little time I had. A few years ago I was overwhelmed by how much I missed him. So much so that I had to pull over in my truck and cried and cried. It opened a part of me that I have not lost touch with. The part that longs to be close and talk with him. To understand more of who he was. He and I didn't get to be together very much and yet he has had a tremendous impact on my life. I think about how much I could have learned from him as well. He had to leave because of a divorce when I was about 7 and my mother married several times to men that really didn't want to be my father or mentor so I pretty much raised myself. Things turned pretty well with all the bumps and scrapes that come with life.

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