Saturday, July 11, 2009


As I drive into Santa Cruz I am reminded just how safe I really am. Not only is out fair burg nuclear free, we are also "hate free". They just haven't put up the sign yet. That explains why some people are still not getting along here. It's sporadic and infrequent but sometimes anger spills over into hate. When this occurs the authorities are called and the individuals are immediately taken to a "re-education area" and are soon returned to the community to once again be model citizens. Being "nuclear free" is really reassuring. I put up a geodesic dome once and neighbors were frightened by the possibility of a reactor in the area. Even though I assured them that it was for a hot tub they contacted the National Nuclear Regulatory Commission and very quickly I was inspected and given a permit for the dome and everyone was notified. Isn't democracy wonderful.

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