Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Yep. I had an IN-N-OUT URGE yesterday on my way back from visiting my in-laws. A lot of other people had the same idea because when I arrived at the store in Dublin, CA there was a line of cars out into the street waiting for the drive-thru. I went inside and the place was packed there as well. It was worth it though. God I love those burgers. Santa Cruz doesn't have a store. Closest one is over an hour away to the south in Salinas. Maybe there is one in San Jose but I haven't checked it out. Apparently IN-N-OUT Burger only locates along major highways and freeways. What a shame. They have such a delicious product line.  When I plan trips to the southland (of California) I check out the locations on-line and stop along the way. It's something to look forward to on an otherwise boring trip.

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