Thursday, October 12, 2006


This a photo of one the buildings in Bodie, California. It's a State Park now. At one time it was the 2nd largest city in the state. GOLD! To get the metal out of the mine they electrified the equipment making the town the first to be all electric. A power source located about 13 miles away at a "Dynamo Pond" on Green Creek supplied the hydroelectric power. The wires came from the generator to Bodie in a straight line because the builders didn't think that electricity would go around corners! I just visited the site on a photography trip and was quite surprised to see the source.

Bodie is a very interesting town that a photographer could spend days walking around. It's high altitude (around 8600 feet) and barren terrain make it a very striking place. The California State Parks maintains the buildings and a weather station there often reports the coldest temperatures in the state. If you are in the Mono Basin and near Bridgeport, drive up to this little jewel. Bring a camera.

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