Wednesday, December 24, 2014


My angel. She came downstairs dressed in her grandmothers scarves as only she can choose and arrange. She also chose a necklace and earrings that went with the colors of the fabric. I was so taken aback at her striking beauty I immediately asked for an opportunity to take her photograph. Sometimes she's reluctant but today she acquiesced and I didn't waste a moment to get the image. 
She asked me what we should do with her picture and I suggested I put in a new background. Something that would draw attention to just her. At first I offered a beach scene. She balked saying that the elegant clothing was much too nice for the beach. I then went through my files for just this sort of situation and came up with clouds. I take photos of clouds to use with other images. She liked the clouds and then wondered if I could put wings on her. Like an angel. I found some and this is the result. She was pleased as were her family. It's one of my favorite photos already. 
Merry Christmas.

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Cynthia Nicole said...

Perfect! I thought the wings were "really" there. Ava has aged since I last saw her. Definitely moving out of young childhood.

You & Ava's composition is a keeper for sure.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Ray.

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