Friday, July 18, 2014


I was "volunteered" to take some photos of board members and staff of a local non-profit retreat today. They were meeting in the "Sunroom" at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I took this shot while they were away at lunch. I guess this room was just too warm so everyone went somewhere for shade. The roof opens by telescoping and sliding backward. The fog had just burned off so the sun made the room very warm. I hope they opened to roof for the rest of their meeting.

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Sheila Slife said...

Hello Ray,

My husband, Jimmy passed away on June 30. He lost the battle with Multiple Myeloma (plasma cell cancer)after a year of chemotherapy.
I was his caregiver and fulfilled his wishes to be cared for in our home. For the last few months we chose to have home hospice care. I hope to hear things are well with you and your family. Best, Sheila

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