Thursday, March 13, 2014


This was the last standing billboard in the city of Santa Cruz, California. It was advertising a tourist destination here in town. It would have been difficult to find it from this spot.  It probably stood on this spot for close to 40 years. Perhaps the owner of the property had a contract with the "Mystery Spot". About 25 years ago the land was sold to a group with the intention of turning it into a car dealership. Their plans didn't come to fruition and the City of Santa Cruz purchased it. It was a very large parcel that became the Arana Gulch Open Space. During the time the "dealership group" owned it no rent was paid on the location of the sign. After someone found there was no agreement I was tasked with the responsibility of removing it. It stood there for so long that I'm sure most people didn't even notice it. The entire sign, which was made of tin, was disassembled into about ten pieces and turned over the the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. I've not seen any trace of it since.

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