Monday, October 01, 2012


You may recall at time not too long ago when there was a flurry of bumper stickers that exhorted drivers to watch the car in front of them rather than being distracted by an attractive person nearby. The bumper sticker read "Watch my rear. Not hers!" Well here's some examples of stickers and why we shouldn't follow too close.
This accident took place on Sunday, September 30, 2012, around 4 p.m. in the northbound lanes of highway one in Aptos near the Park Avenue exit. I was going to a friend's open house (see photos posted on that day) when I entered the highway about 6 miles from this location. I was immediately greeted with stop and go traffic that lasted for 45 minutes. Rubber-neckers on my side of the freeway just had to look at what had happened. It's the way of the road. Apparently the person in the red SUV took their eyes off the road long enough to find themselves starring down on someone else's bumper. Ouch! 

It reminded me of being distracted by bumperstickers. While stopped in traffic or in a parking lot I take photographs of the back of vehicles that have interesting ones or lots of them.  I decided to post some today. 

I follow this driver for several blocks while I watched her being distracted by something that kept her attention from being on the road. Can you guess that she was a "hockey mom"?
The driver of this car just had to share their "truths" with everyone. I just had to find them and thank them..... So I did something that I had not done before. I went inside the business to find the pontiff. Based on what I thought the person looked like I went right up to him and asked if he was driving this car.  After he revealed it was his I asked if I could take his photograph with the idea that I would someday post both on this blog. He surprised me by saying that others have requested the same thing and he had absolutely no intention of agreeing to be photographed for ridicule. So there. OK! OK! Spoil sport.
I liked this one because it was so understated. Couldn't disagree with these  bumper stickers. Who doesn't like Canadians and trees? Freeing Tibet is a noble thought even though it has little chance of ever happening. Everyone must do their part though.
This is my favorite. Not 'cus I'm a guy but it was a singular message that was pretty damn succinct AND it was very thought provoking. I took this shot at Morrissey Blvd where Water Street and Soquel Avenue meet. He even cut me off to get an opportunity to slow down on his way to a crowded freeway. Happy motoring.

All these photos were taken with an iPhone 4S

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