Tuesday, February 14, 2012


You may be familiar with "Typhoid Mary". She carried the disease and yet was not affected by it. The disease spread as a consequence of her serving food that carried typhoid and killed dozens of people. Well this is the geographic location of the origin of Dunlaps Disease. Tracked down by diligent deductive reasoning and years of sampling, this is the is the place.  It was discovered that after eating several donuts over an extended period of time, customers would find that their stomachs done lapped over their belt. Hence the name. This post is brought to you as a public service free of charge. Of course if you see me here, feel free to buy me a donut. I already have an advanced case of "dunlaps disease" with little hope of recovery. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!
Photo taken with an iPhone 4S

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Anonymous said...

I want to compliment on your "whole idea" with this post....Typhoid Mary....BRILLIANT Ground Zero
right here in Santa Cruz.....
Dunlap Dennis

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