Saturday, December 10, 2011


I went to Oregon to let the coastal winds blow through me. Give me a chance to find and experience myself as an artist. I don't know so much about the 'artist' part but I did have a very very enjoyable trip. The scenery was beautiful and I just couldn't get enough of it. I was transported to a 'standstill' point. I was so focused on my experience that, at times, I didn't seem to be the same person that arrived. Everything was so much more  vivid and sweet. My senses were filled to capacity it seemed. All I could do was try and capture some of the moments with my camera. I went for a walk in the coastal forest made up of a mix of conifers but dominated by Oregon/Douglas Firs (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and Western Chain ferns (Woodwardia fimbriata) and everywhere I looked the images seem to be so clear and distinct. As a practicing Urban Forester I especially enjoyed seeing these trees in their native state. I wonder what was in that mushroom soup I had at the restaurant I ate at when I first arrived. Hmmmmm.
Taken with a Canon 10D with a 17-40mm lens


Cynthia Nicole said...

We visited the Hoh rainforest and Olympic peninsula over 10 years ago, but I felt the same - in awe of those trees.
What a special place and what special trees.
Wasn't seeing all the clearcut areas just gut wrenching?

Sheri said...

Just thought I'd let you know I've starting pinning ( some of my favorite recent posts of yours!

Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy them.

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