Sunday, October 30, 2011


Junior Prom • 1959. If I could have made myself look better in this photo I would have. I couldn't find a date for the dance so I just came and danced by myself. Luckily I didn't step on my feet and I made polite conversation with myself all evening. When it was time to leave I took myself out to my car and opened the door so I could get in. I drove my self home making more small talk and being quite anxious about the front door and the goodnight stuff and all. When I arrived and walked myself to the door there was some attraction tension that was pretty obvious so I invited myself in for a beer even though I was underage. Well as it turns out after a beer or two I was taking advantage of myself. I mean it wasn't weird or nothing. I didn't tie myself up or anything like that. By the next morning I felt respect and I got up and fixed myself some breakfast. It was a wonderful evening. It was the beginning of a long and courageous relationship that is still as hot today as that night back in 1959. 
a wink to Tom Waits ~ thanks

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