Thursday, October 27, 2011


This is Mono Lake and that is a Tufa. Almost completely emptied by Los Angeles water needs. For years, environmentalists have worked to save the lake and they were successful. I also earned this photo. I was with a group of guys that like to take photographs and they were serious about this one. We had to get up before sunrise and drive about 40 miles from where we were staying and drive another 15 minutes in to where we could walk to the edge of the lake. It was cold and windy and the surface was soft and mushy. When we arrived there were about 30 more photographers there almost all men that were real "pic-heads". Nikon Pic-Heads at that. So we all arrived about an hour before the sun was to rise in order to stake our shots out. By the time I  arrived this was about all that was left. I was a great experience. I learned a lot of things. Some of it had to do with photography! It was a glorious sunrise and I took this shot among others. I just can't find them right now. So this is it. Thanks to everyone that preserved this amazing place.

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