Monday, September 19, 2011


A lifetime of work and probably hopes and dreams took place here. The gasoline pump is from the 30's and this is out in a very "out-of-the-way" town in southern New Mexico that has all but dried up. The Oldsmobile waiting to be repaired, someday, and the pile of building materials along with the locked doors on sheds and workshops indicates it is time to close up. I'm sure someone would love to have the car and the G&B gasoline pump for that matter. When I was very young, my father owned a "gas station" in Globe, Arizona and it had pumps exactly like this one. The handle on the right side of the pump moved back and forth which pumped gas into the glass enclosure at the top. I used to get a tip whenever I went out to the customer and pumped. I especially liked pulling a handle to let the gasoline flow into the car.The customer got to see the gasoline before it went in. Ever wonder if the amount that the pump indicates is the true amount you're buying? Didn't have to wonder in "those days".
Photo taken with a Canon 10D using at 17-40mm lens.

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