Saturday, August 27, 2011


This is Emory Pass Summit. As I was filling up my rental car in Silver City, NM a friendly old guy that knew I "wasn't from around these parts" asked me where I was headed. I told him and he frowned. "Winding road. All the way. I'd go south to avoid the mountains. If you're dead set on it at least there's a great view from Emory Pass." I told him I wanted to go to Kingston to photograph some old mining buildings. He warned me again but I didn't heed his call. He was right. Lots of hairpin turns and slow going especially with the heavy rains that began to fall once I was committed to the route. By the time I arrived at the summit it began to rain so heavily that I had to wait in the turnout to even see the view. 

Earlier in the trip I found a trash bag big enough to use as a raincoat so I cut holes in the top and sides. I got out of the car, set up my tripod, and took this photo while it was pouring down rain. I had waited and waited while listening to roaring thunder and multiple lightning strikes so I figured that I had better get out and get the shot or I would be there for quite a while. This is the shot. I earned it.

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