Friday, December 31, 2010


Do I know how to dress up for New Year's Celebration or what? I'm in a party mood tonight! I'll watch Fox News to find out what that damned Obama Administration is up to. Hope that Sarah Palin will have some encouraging words to help me during the coming year. By that time it will be around 8:30pm and I'll be getting ready for bed. The neighbors are planning a party. Hope they don't make a lot of noise. Damn young people. Got no sense of politeness. It's probably gonna rain tonight so I'd better put some extra liniment on my joints. No not those kinda joints. Liniment makes them all soggy, hard to light. Well I may as well wish everyone a Happy New Year. Thank goodness the Tea Party will be running the country during 2011. I've always enjoyed a good circus.

Taken with a Canon 10D

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Cynthia Nicole said...

Nice teeth!

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