Saturday, December 18, 2010


A big storm has arrived today. Lots of wind and lots of rain. Exciting stuff. It's exciting because I don't have to work out in it. I did that for many years. For several years I was responsible for several parks and all of the city owned trees in Santa Cruz, CA. I used to lie in bed at night wondering if I made the right decision to not take down a questionable tree. Fortunately for me I never had to face someone that was impacted by my decision. I really enjoy storms now.

 A little respite from the storm but predictions indicate that it will be a wet week. The photo below will testify to that. When I went out to pick it up it was sopping wet with a headline telling me what to expect.

The newspaper headline says it all. It's been raining but not like So. California or snowing like the east coast. I'm really glad I live here.
The storm passed last night. It rained as hard as I've experienced it since the big flood of '82. That was a real humdinger. All is well now. I think!

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