Friday, October 01, 2010


 A quiet night on the wharf. Late evening mid-week. The City of Santa Cruz owns and operates the wharf. It has several restaurants and gift shops. I have friends that work on the wharf as maintenance workers. They describe it as working on a living object as it heaves and groans with each wave. During storms the pilings take a helluva beating and the constant maintenance requires diligence. This shot fulfills the depth-of-field shot demonstration everything being in focus.
 Dusk at the piers. It was a nice evening for photography. I have trouble walking and the uneven sand was quite a challenge. I hate sand!
 More experimenting with light and zoom during a long exposure. Fun stuff.
 The fog was beginning to roll in. Time to fold up and go. The salt spray takes a toll on the camera and lens.
This is another fun shot of the "Dream Inn". It's a nice hotel right on the water.
 After I die and you're at the entrance to the wharf, look for me. I'll look like this.
Completed the last assignment for the evening. The second requirement was a shallow depth-of-field demonstrating that I knew how to do it and how useful it is to call attention to a photograph.

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