Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is Juan. He works at a place that I frequent. Food's OK not great but it's clean and cheap. I've been going to this place for so long that I know all of the servers. They're a great group of people and they make me feel like family. Several years ago I went in and swore I wouldn't come back. The place was filled with old people. I qualify and so I fit right in. One of the waitresses used to work at another coffee shop in town and about 25 years ago when I owned a company that swept parking lots among other things, I used to go in and have a cupajoe late at night. Sweeping parking lots gets you mighty dirty and I was usually covered from head to foot. Anyway this waitress and I struck a friendship and I gave her a T-Shirt with my company's logo on it and she still has it after all these years. She's an old grouchy woman but I love her. She loves to give me a bad time.....wait this post is about Juan. I digress again. Juan has been working here for over 30 years! It's probably his only real job. He started at 16 and has stay with it ever since. He is a great guy with a terrific personality. He's the manager now and I have found him to have the most pleasant and even temperament of anyone in the service business. It's a real pleasure Juan.

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