Monday, September 14, 2009


I was in the parking lot of one of my favorite places to eat. Silver Spur. As I was leaving I noticed this great classic car. It was new the year I was discharged from the Army. I looked at it then and thought geez what an ugly car. Any body that was cool, like me, wouldn't be driving around in one these dorky cars. So I bought a Ford.
I think the "American" version was the basic model. If anyone that reads this knows more about this car lemme know.
The dashboard was classic for its time. Lots of knobs protruding so they could do maximum damage if you were thrown against the dash. Notice the numbers on the speedometer. They read 0 through 12. Like this car could go 120 mph. Ha! It was all metal construction and had a 6 cylinder engine. It has trouble getting up hills I'll bet.
In the 50's the Nash was Superman's car at the "Daily Planet". It wasn't this version it was the one that looked more like a bullet. One of several things I like about this classic is that it was simple in design. It was originally painted a turquoise like color. The sections inside the door where the hinges are located give the original color away. The other thing I liked about this car is that it had the original hubcaps. It's not often that the hubcaps survive that long.
No fins! This car didn't follow the herd. It had a look all its own. You gotta hand it to the designers at Nash. They didn't want to compete on aesthetics. They built a car that was inexpensive and reliable.

I met the young woman that had just purchased it ON-LINE! She had been a car enthusiast for years and was particularly happy and proud to have this car. It need some work of course and in the mean time she's going to have a lot of fun driving it around.

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