Sunday, July 26, 2009


He's been gone for about a month now. So much has been written and said about him that I can't add anything new except for my own experience of him. I remember him as a little boy and watched over the years as he went through transformation. I don't remember anyone that had so much pressure to perform and allow glimpses of his privacy. I feel sorry for him in many ways. His life reminds me of something that my father said to me when I was just a boy. He said, "Junior as your climb up the tree of life more and more of your ass is gonna show and somebody is bound to take a shot at it." I turned out to be an arborist and Michael Jackson created such a following and accumulated so much money that a lot of shots were taken and still the target is on his back. It's all so convoluted and bizarre that I want to just enjoy his music and dancing. This mural on "Bill's Wheels", a skateboard shop, was done by graffiti artists from as far away as Los Angeles as a tribute to someone that impacted their lives in so many ways.

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